Ozone‐induced encephalopathy: A novel iatrogenic entity

  title={Ozone‐induced encephalopathy: A novel iatrogenic entity},
  author={Shalom Haggiag and Luca Prosperini and A. Stasolla and Carmela Gerace and Carla Tortorella and Claudio Gasperini},
  journal={European Journal of Neurology},
Ozone‐based treatments can be associated with central nervous system toxicity, which we have termed ozone‐induced encephalopathy (OIE). A detailed description of its phenotype is lacking. 


Therapeutic relevance of ozone therapy in degenerative diseases: Focus on diabetes and spinal pain
Ozone, one of the most important air pollutants, is a triatomic molecule containing three atoms of oxygen that results in an unstable form due to its mesomeric structure. It has been well‐known that
Anton syndrome during oxygen-ozone therapy.
Neurological symptoms following exposure to ozone
Two patients who developed cortical blindness and seizures shortly after intraarticular ozone infiltrations are described.
Ozone: A Multifaceted Molecule with Unexpected Therapeutic Activity.
The purpose of this review is to explain the aspects still poorly understood, highlighting the divergent activity of ozone on the various biological districts, and call for a full insertion of ozone therapy within pharmaceutical sciences, responding to all the requirements of quality, efficacy and safety.
Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome After Intramuscular Oxygen-Ozone Therapy
A case of headache, encephalopathy, nausea, vomiting, cortical blindness, memory impairment, and restlessness a few minutes after an intramuscular injection of OOT with complete recovery in 9 days is described.
Scientific and medical aspects of ozone therapy. State of the art.
  • V. Bocci
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Archives of medical research
  • 2006
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