Oxytocin Selectively Gates Fear Responses Through Distinct Outputs from the Central Amygdala

  title={Oxytocin Selectively Gates Fear Responses Through Distinct Outputs from the Central Amygdala},
  author={D. Viviani and A. Charlet and E. H. van den Burg and C. Robinet and N. Hurni and Marios Abatis and Fulvio Magara and R. Stoop},
  pages={104 - 107}
  • D. Viviani, A. Charlet, +5 authors R. Stoop
  • Published 2011
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • Specific neuronal populations in the amygdala control different behavioral and physiological components of the fear response. Central amygdala (CeA) projections to hypothalamic and brain stem nuclei regulate the behavioral and physiological expression of fear, but it is unknown whether these different aspects of the fear response can be separately regulated by the CeA. We combined fluorescent retrograde tracing of CeA projections to nuclei that modulate fear-related freezing or cardiovascular… CONTINUE READING
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