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Oxytocic Effect of Ananas comosus fruit Juice on isolated Pregnant Rats Uteri

  title={Oxytocic Effect of Ananas comosus fruit Juice on isolated Pregnant Rats Uteri},
  author={Nwankudu and Ijioma},
This work sought to find out whether Ananas comosus (pineapple) juice can cause abortion in gravid albino rats. Thirty two pregnant albino rats were used in two separate in vivo experiments. The first set of 16 pregnant rats were divided into 4 groups and groups 2, 3 and 4 were assigned undiluted pineapple juice for 24hrs, 36hrs, 48hrs respectively, while group 1 served as control. The pregnant rats were monitored closely for possible abortions till they littered. The procedure was repeated… 

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Juliana Azevedo da Paixão1,2,*, José Fernando de Araújo Neto1, Bruna Oliveira do Nascimento1, Diego Mota da Costa2, Hugo Neves Brandão2, Fernanda Vidigal Duarte Souza3, Everton Hilo de Souza4, Quiara



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This small nine amino acid peptide is now believed to be involved in a wide variety of physiological and pathological functions such as sexual activity, penile erection, ejaculation, pregnancy, uterine contraction, milk ejection, maternal behavior, social bonding, stress and probably many more, which makes oxytocin and its receptor potential candidates as targets for drug therapy.

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Pregnancy establishment in pigs requires the biphasic pattern of oestrogen secretion by conceptuses on days 11-12 and 15-30 and higher PGE(2) secretion in uterine lumen coincides with the elevated expression of HOXA10 transcription factor critical for implantation.

Down-regulation of oxytocin-induced cyclooxygenase-2 and prostaglandin F synthase expression by interferon-tau in bovine endometrial cells.

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It is shown that female mice use olfactory ISI to determine their choice of, and responses to, males and that the use of this ISI involves the gene for oxytocin (OT), suggesting that OT genes are necessary for the processing of inadvertent social information and likely the integration of both direct and indirect social information.

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