Oxysalt-metal double reactions in the solid state: Na3Al(SO4)3-Mg

  title={Oxysalt-metal double reactions in the solid state: Na3Al(SO4)3-Mg},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Jes{\'u}s Mart{\'i}nez-Lope and J. Zamora and M. E. Garc{\'i}a-Clavel},
Abstract A method for obtaining the oxysalt Na 6 Mg(SO 4 ) 4 by double reactions in Mg-Na 3 Al(SO 4 ) 3 mixtures is proposed. When the mixtures are calcinated at temperatures in the range 600–900 °C in an argon stream or an open atmosphere, a sodium-magnesium sulphate and alumina are obtained. A study of these double reactions has allowed us to establish that the mechanism of formation of the compound Na 6 Mg(SO 4 ) 4 is an exchange reaction between MgO and Na 3 Al(SO 4 ) 3 . In some cases… CONTINUE READING

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