Oxygen use from solution by wheat genotypes differing in tolerance to waterlogging

  title={Oxygen use from solution by wheat genotypes differing in tolerance to waterlogging},
  author={Getachew Boru and Maarten van Ginkel and Richard M. Trethowan and Larry Boersma and Warren E. Kronstad},
Inadequate availability of oxygen to theroots is a major growth-limiting factor forplants exposed to waterlogging stress. Spring bread wheat genotypes (Triticumaestivum L.) have been found to differ intheir tolerance to waterlogging. Threespring wheat genotypes tolerant towaterlogging (Ducula, Prl/Sara, andVee/Myna) and two sensitive spring wheatgenotypes (Seri-82, and Kite/Glen) wereevaluated for differences in root anatomyand O2 depletion rates from nutrientsolution in growth chamber… CONTINUE READING

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