Oxygen uptake during early cardiogenesis of the chick.

  title={Oxygen uptake during early cardiogenesis of the chick.},
  author={Eric Raddatz and Manuel Servin and Pavel Kucera},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={262 4 Pt 2},
Oxidative metabolism of the isolated embryonic heart of the chick has been determined using a spectrophotometric technique allowing global as well as localized micromeasurements of the O2 uptake. Entire hearts, excised from embryos of 10 somites (primordia fused, stage 10 HH) and 40 somites (S shaped, stage 20 HH) were placed in a special chamber under controlled metabolic conditions where they continued to beat spontaneously and regularly. During the 32 h of development, the O2 consumption of… CONTINUE READING


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