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Oxygen isotope evidence for low temperature formation of chrysoprase

  title={Oxygen isotope evidence for low temperature formation of chrysoprase},
  author={Greg Skrzypek and M. Sachanbiński and Mariusz Orion Jędrysek},
Optical and Cathodoluminescence Investigations of the Green Microcrystalline (Chrysoprase) Quartz
Gem-quality green cryptocrystalline silica formation is relatively rare in nature, and has an interesting mineralogical crystallization and irradiation response of the fine fibrous silica. ChemicalExpand
Micro-Raman spectroscopy of gem-quality chrysoprase from the Biga–Çanakkale region of Turkey
Abstract The commercial quantities of gem-quality dark green chrysoprase are found as the fracture fillings covered with a weathering crust in the silicified serpentinites throughout the border of aExpand
Variations on the silica theme: Classification and provenance from Pliny to current supplies
  • E. Gliozzo
  • Geography
  • The contribution of mineralogy to cultural heritage
  • 2019
Over recent decades, numerous studies have highlighted the importance of opal, chalcedony and quartz varieties, chiefly in volcanic, but also in metamorphic and sedimentary environments. The focus isExpand
Cartographie du régolithe sur formation ultrabasique de Nouvelle-Calédonie : Localisation dans l’espace et le temps des gisements nickélifères
Cette these a pour sujet l'etude du regolithe developpe sur les massifs ultrabasiques de Nouvelle-Caledonie. Des l'Oligocene, la Nappe des Peridotites est soumise a l'alteration supergene sous climatExpand


Oxygen isotope fractionation in carbonate and sulfate minerals
Oxygen isotope fractionations involving carbonates and sulfates have been controversial for a long time. There are important unresolved conflicts among the results of theoretical calculations,Expand
Oxygen isotope fractionation between amorphous silica and water at 34–93°C
The fractionation factor of oxygen isotopes between quartz and water has been extensively studied from experimental1,2, theoretical3,4,5 and empirical viewpoints6 and has been widely used to estimateExpand