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Oxygen free radical scavenger system intermediates in essential hypertensive patients before and immediately after sublingual captopril administration.

  title={Oxygen free radical scavenger system intermediates in essential hypertensive patients before and immediately after sublingual captopril administration.},
  author={R. Schneider and H Iscovitz and Zvi Ilan and K N Bernstein and Mario Gros and Adrian Iaina},
  journal={Israel journal of medical sciences},
  volume={26 9},
Oxygen-free radical intermediates/scavengers were measured in 43 patients with essential hypertension who, although under antihypertensive therapy (without angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors), still had high blood pressure values. Measurements were taken before and 30, 60 and 120 min after sublingual administration of 25 mg captopril. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressures were reduced significantly. Twenty normotensive healthy volunteers were used as controls. The hypertensive… 

Antihypertensive drug therapy and antioxidant enzyme mRNA levels in spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) rats.

  • L. MaP. Johnson
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & molecular biology
  • 1999

Captopril as an antioxidant in lead-exposed Fischer 344 rats

The captopril-treated samples showed higher GSH:GSSG ratios in the liver, brain and kidneys, as well as slightly decreased malondialdehyde concentrations, and the catalase activity was not significantly affected.

Renal Dopamine Receptors and Oxidative Stress: Role in Hypertension.

The present article reviews the important role of oxidative stress and intrarenal dopaminergic system in the regulation of blood pressure, summarizes the current knowledge on renal dopamine receptor-mediated antioxidation, including decreasing reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, inhibiting pro-oxidant enzymes NADPH oxidase, and stimulating antioxidative enzymes.

Oxidative stress, Noxs, and hypertension: Experimental evidence and clinical controversies

The present review addresses the putative function of ROS in the pathogenesis of hypertension and focuses on the role of Noxs in ROS generation in vessels and the kidney.

Determination of captopril in biological samples by high-performance liquid chromatography with ThioGlo 3 derivatization.

A rapid, sensitive and relatively simple method for the detection of captopril in biological tissues with reverse-phase HPLC is described and it is believed that this method is advantageous forCaptopril determination.

Producción de radicales hidroxilo en sangre en pacientes ancianos hipertensos

En el complejo y multicausal proceso que lleva a la hipertensión esencial, los radicales libres parecen jugar un papel clave, particularmente en la regulación local del lecho capilar. Además de la


It is confirmed that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WSA) has approved the use of anti-doping equipment in the Philippines for the first time in recent years.

Long-Term Effect of an Aqueous Fraxinus excelsior L. Seed Extract in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

FESE increased plasma antioxidant capacity and decreased plasma and liver malondialdehyde levels and acetylcholine relaxation improved in the aorta rings from the FESE treated rats, and the development of hypertension was attenuated in the groups treated with captopril or FESE.