Oxygen equilibria of ectotherm blood containing multiple hemoglobins.

  title={Oxygen equilibria of ectotherm blood containing multiple hemoglobins.},
  author={Leigh A. Maginniss and Young Kouk Song and Robert Blake Reeves},
  journal={Respiration physiology},
  volume={42 3},
Complete isocapnic O2 equilibrium curves (O2EC's) and related blood-gas properties are reported for whole blood of the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) and the aquatic turtle (Pseudemys scripta) at temperatures ranging from 5 to 35 degrees C. P50's for bullfrog and turtle blood at physiological pH and 25 degrees C were 36.6 Torr (pH 7.83) and 19.3 Torr (pH 7.55), respectively. Elevation of blood temperature significantly reduced hemoglobin oxygen affinity in both species (delta H = -8.1 and -7.8… CONTINUE READING
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