Oxygen availability and growth of the chick embryo.

  title={Oxygen availability and growth of the chick embryo.},
  author={James Metcalfe and Ian E. Mccutcheon and D L Francisco and Aida B. Metzenberg and Jeffrey E Welch},
  journal={Respiration physiology},
  volume={46 2},
Two experiments were performed using White Leghorn eggs incubated in 50% humidity, at 38 degrees centigrade, and an average barometric pressure of 747 Torr. In one experiment, eggs in the experimental group were each half covered with a neoprene membrane, reducing the diffusing capacity by approximately 20%, and incubated in 21% O2. In the second experiment, the experimental eggs were incubated (uncovered) in 60% O2. Control eggs were incubated (uncovered in 21% O2 simultaneously with the… CONTINUE READING