Oxygen as a regulator of cellular phenotypes in pregnancy and cancer.

  title={Oxygen as a regulator of cellular phenotypes in pregnancy and cancer.},
  author={Gendie E. Lash and Lynne-Marie Postovit and Nicola E. Matthews and Eugene Y K Chung and Matthew T Canning and Hugh F. Pross and M A Adams and Charles H. Graham},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={80 2},
Cellular phenotype is determined by genetic and microenvironmental factors. There is evidence that tissue oxygenation status is one of the microenvironmental factors regulating cellular behaviour. Both normal and pathological processes such as blastocyst implantation in the uterus, placentation, and rapidly growing tumours occur under conditions characterized by relatively low oxygen levels. In this review, we address the effects of low oxygen concentrations on the phenotype of trophoblast and… CONTINUE READING


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