Oxiracetam prevents haloperidol-induced passive avoidance impairment in mice.


The nootropic drug oxiracetam (50 mg/kg) prevented passive avoidance impairment induced by posttraining administration of haloperidol (0.25 and 0.5 mg/kg). Conversely, oxiracetam did not antagonize either locomotor depression or suppression of active avoidance responses induced by the dopamine receptor blocking agent. The results indicate that prevention of haloperidol-induced retention impairment, by oxiracetam, may be due to a not yet defined protective action, common to other nootropic agents, on different types of experimental amnesias, rather than to a specific interaction with dopaminergic mechanisms.


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@article{Castellano1992OxiracetamPH, title={Oxiracetam prevents haloperidol-induced passive avoidance impairment in mice.}, author={Claudio Castellano and Mario Battaglia and Massimo Sansone}, journal={Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior}, year={1992}, volume={42 4}, pages={797-801} }