Oxide Thin Film Transistor Circuits for Transparent RFID Applications


Oxide material can make transparent devices with transparent electrodes. We developed a transparent oscillator and rectifier circuits with oxide TFTs. The source/drain and gate electrodes were made by indium thin oxide (ITO), and active layer made by transparent material of IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) on a glass substrate. The RC oscillator was composed of bootstrapped inverters, and 813 kHz oscillation frequency was accomplished at VDD = 15 V. For DC voltage generation from RF, transparent rectifier was fabricated and evaluated. This DC voltage from rectifier powered to the oscillator which operated successfully to create RF. For data transmission, RF transmission was evaluated with RF from the transparent oscillator. An antenna was connected to the oscillator and RF transmission to a receiving antenna was verified. Through this transmission antenna, RF was transmitted to a receiving antenna successfully. For transparent system of RFID, transparent antenna was developed and verified sending and receiving of data. key words: oxide TFT, oscillator, rectifier, transparent device, RF transfer

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