Oxidative stress in Adamantiades-Behçet's disease.

  title={Oxidative stress in Adamantiades-Behçet's disease.},
  author={Jo{\~a}o Pedro Freitas and Paulo Filipe and Ahmad A. Yousefi and Ingrid Emerit and F Guerra Rodrigo},
  volume={197 4},
BACKGROUND Adamantiades-Behçet's disease is a chronic systemic disorder associating oral and genital ulcerative lesions with ocular and cutaneous manifestations. Previous publications report increased superoxide production by neutrophils and macrophages, increases in cytokines and malondialdehyde (MDA), as well as low levels of enzymatic antioxidant defenses. AIM We looked for another marker of oxidative stress in Adamantiades-Behçet's disease: the presence of clastogenic factors (CF) in… CONTINUE READING
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