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Oxidative stability of wheat germ and rice bran oils in frying

  title={Oxidative stability of wheat germ and rice bran oils in frying},
  author={Ambreen Naz and Masood S. Butt},
Wheat germ oil (WGO) and rice bran oil (RBO) were assessed for their oxidative stability and deteriorative changes after frying operation. Respective oils were blended at 10, 20 and 30% levels with that of corn oil. French fries were prepared and after 10th frying, rancidity tests were carried out. RBO blend T6 (30:70) and WGO treatment T2 (20:80) showed least degenerative changes in peroxide value (POV) i.e. 0.895meq/Kg and 1.46meq/Kg, respectively whilst free fatty acid (FFA) 1.15% and 1.35… Expand
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