Oxidative metabolites are involved in polyamine-induced microglial cell death.

  title={Oxidative metabolites are involved in polyamine-induced microglial cell death.},
  author={Katsura Takano and M Ogura and Yoshihiro Yoneda and Yoichi Nakamura},
  volume={134 4},
Pathological activation of microglia, which reside quiescently in physiological CNS, is associated with various neurodegenerative diseases. Endogenous polyamines, spermidine and spermine, are known to be activators of cell proliferation and differentiation. We previously reported that both spermidine and spermine induce dose-dependent cell death in cultured rat brain microglia at a submicromolar concentration range via apoptotic process, whereas cultured astrocytes were less sensitive to these… CONTINUE READING
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