Oxidative destruction of polyolefins under stress. The action of ozone on polyethylene and polypropylene

  title={Oxidative destruction of polyolefins under stress. The action of ozone on polyethylene and polypropylene},
  author={A. A. Popov and Nikolai N. Blinov and Boris Eduardovich Krisyuk and Svetlana G. Karpova and LI Privalova and Gennadiĭ Efremovich Zaikov},
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Experimental Polymer Mechanochemistry and its Interpretational Frameworks.
  • S. Akbulatov, R. Boulatov
  • Materials Science
    Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry
  • 2017
This review aims at systematizing reported macroscopic manifestations of polymer mechanochemistry, and critically assessing the interpretational framework that underlies their molecular rationalizations from a physical chemist's perspective, and proposes a hierarchy of mechanochemical phenomena.
Impact of rapid ozone degradation on the structure and properties of polypropylene using a reactive extrusion process
In this work, rapid ozone degradation of polypropylene (PP) was developed for the aim of rheology control using a reactive extrusion process. Experiments were carried out in a co-rotating intermeshed
Effect of Soaking in BARC 1 on Tensile Strtytb
  • 2008
Effect of nanofiltration on photochemical integrity
In its relatively short history of use, the formulation complexity of bottom anti-reflective coatings (BARC) for semiconductor fabrication has become an enabling technology for nanoscale chip
Quantum-Chemical Calculation of the Effect of Stress upon Reactions in Polymers
Abstract The change of energy barrier of stretched model molecules is calculated using semi-empirical quantum-chemical method MNDO. The reactions studied include hydrogen abstraction from polyolefin