Oxidative damage repair by glutamine in fish enterocytes

  title={Oxidative damage repair by glutamine in fish enterocytes},
  author={Kai Hu and Lin Feng and Weidan Jiang and Yang Liu and Jingqian Liu and Shuhong Li and Xiaoqiu Zhou},
  journal={Fish Physiology and Biochemistry},
Fish intestine is very sensitive to oxidative damage. Repair of damaged enterocytes may be involved to restore normal function of fish intestine. However, studies of fish enterocyte repair are scarce. The present study aimed to investigate the potential repair role of glutamine after a H2O2 challenge. In this study, fish enterocytes were post-treated with graded levels of glutamine (0, 4, 8, 12 and 20 mM of glutamine) after expose to 100 μM H2O2. The basal control cells were kept in the… CONTINUE READING