Oxidative Coupling of αω,‐Di(cyclopentadienyl)alkane‐diides

  title={Oxidative Coupling of αω,‐Di(cyclopentadienyl)alkane‐diides},
  author={Shaochun You and Matthias Gubler and Markus Neuenschwander},
The CuII-induced oxidative coupling of αω,-di(cyclopentadienyl)alkane-diides 6 (n = 2–5) has been shown to proceed mainly by an intermolecular pathway to give polymers 8, while the yield of intramolecular coupling 6 → 7 strongly decreases with increasing number n of C-atoms of the alkyl chain (Scheme 3). For n = 2, intramolecular coupling may be considerably enhanced by replacing the H-atoms of the CH2CH2 bridge of 6a (n = 2) by Me groups. In this case, intramolecular couplings 11 → 20 (Scheme… CONTINUE READING