Oxidative C-H/C-H Coupling Reactions between Two (Hetero)arenes.

  title={Oxidative C-H/C-H Coupling Reactions between Two (Hetero)arenes.},
  author={Yudong Yang and Jingbo Lan and Jingsong You},
  journal={Chemical reviews},
  volume={117 13},
Transition metal-mediated C-H bond activation and functionalization represent one of the most straightforward and powerful tools in modern organic synthetic chemistry. Bi(hetero)aryls are privileged π-conjugated structural cores in biologically active molecules, organic functional materials, ligands, and organic synthetic intermediates. The oxidative C-H/C-H coupling reactions between two (hetero)arenes through 2-fold C-H activation offer a valuable opportunity for rapid assembly of diverse bi… CONTINUE READING