Oxidative/nitrosative stress and antidepressants: targets for novel antidepressants.

  title={Oxidative/nitrosative stress and antidepressants: targets for novel antidepressants.},
  author={Seung-Yup Lee and Soo-Jung Lee and Changsu Han and Ashwin A. Patkar and Prakash S. Masand and Chi-Un Pae},
  journal={Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry},
The brain is an organ predisposed to oxidative/nitrosative stress. This is especially true in the case of aging as well as several neurodegenerative diseases. Under such circumstances, a decline in the normal antioxidant defense mechanisms leads to an increase in the vulnerability of the brain to the deleterious effects of oxidative damage. Highly reactive oxygen/nitrogen species damage lipids, proteins, and mitochondrial and neuronal genes. Unless antioxidant defenses react appropriately to… CONTINUE READING

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