Oxidation of organosulfur-coordinated arsenic and realgar in peat: implications for the fate of arsenic.

  title={Oxidation of organosulfur-coordinated arsenic and realgar in peat: implications for the fate of arsenic.},
  author={Peggy Langner and Christian Mikutta and Ruben Kretzschmar},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={48 4},
Organosulfur-coordinated As(III) and realgar (α-As4S4) have been identified as the dominant As species in the naturally As-enriched minerotrophic peatland Gola di Lago, Switzerland. In this study, we explored their oxidation kinetics in peat exposed to atmospheric O2 for up to 180 days under sterile and nonsterile conditions (25 °C, ∼ 100% relative humidity). Anoxic peat samples were collected from a near-surface (0-38 cm) and a deep peat layer (200-250 cm) and studied by bulk As, Fe, and S K… CONTINUE READING

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