Oxidation of fluorinated amorphous carbon (a-CF(x)) films.

  title={Oxidation of fluorinated amorphous carbon (a-CF(x)) films.},
  author={Yang Yun and Esteban D. Broitman and Andrew J Gellman},
  journal={Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids},
  volume={26 2},
Amorphous fluorinated carbon (a-CF(x)) films have a variety of potential technological applications. In most such applications these films are exposed to air and undergo partial surface oxidation. X-ray photoemission spectroscopy has been used to study the oxidation of fresh a-CF(x) films deposited by magnetron sputtering. The oxygen sticking coefficient measured by exposure to low pressures (<10(-3) Torr) of oxygen at room temperature is on the order of S approximately 10(-6), indicating that… CONTINUE READING