Oxidation of commercial reactive azo dye aqueous solutions by the photo-Fenton and Fenton-like processes

  title={Oxidation of commercial reactive azo dye aqueous solutions by the photo-Fenton and Fenton-like processes},
  author={Mariana Neamtu and Ayfer Yediler and Ilie Siminiceanu and Antonius Kettrup},
This paper evaluates the degradation of two azo reactive dyes, C.I. Reactive Yellow 84 (RY84) and C.I. Reactive Red 120 (RR120) by photo-Fenton and Fenton-like oxidation. All experiments were performed on a laboratory scale set-up. The effects of different reaction parameters such as initial pH, contact time, effect of light and hydrogen peroxide concentrations on the oxidation of the dye aqueous solutions have been assessed. Effective system conditions were found to be pH of 3, hydrogen… CONTINUE READING


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