Oxidation of Zr65Al10Ni10Cu15 bulk metallic glass

  title={Oxidation of Zr65Al10Ni10Cu15 bulk metallic glass},
  author={Chanho Kim and Ha-Guk Jeong and Dong-Bok Lee},
Abstract A fully amorphous Zr 65 Al 10 Ni 10 Cu 15 alloy was squeeze cast into a sheet, and its air-oxidation properties were investigated between 250 and 400 °C. It displayed poorer oxidation resistance than the Zr metal, due mainly to oxidation of not only Zr but also Cu. The outer, loosely-adherent thin oxide layer consisted of Cu-rich oxides, while the inner, thick oxide layer consisted of Zr-rich oxides. The oxides formed were (α-, β-)ZrO 2 −  x and CuO. 

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