Oxidation-Induced Transformation of Eight-Electron Gold Nanoclusters: [Au23(SR)16]- to [Au28(SR)20]0.


Here we report an oxidation-induced transformation of [Au23(S-c-C6H11)16]-TOA+ (S-c-C6H11: cyclohexanethiolate; TOA: tetraoctylammonium) to the [Au28(S-c-C6H11)20]0 nanocluster by H2O2 treatment under ambient conditions. This is the first example of oxidation-induced transformation of one stable size to another with atomic precision. The product was crystallized and analyzed by X-ray crystallography. Further insights into the transformation process were obtained by monitoring the process with optical spectroscopy and also by electrochemical analysis. This work adds a new dimension to the recently established transformation chemistry of nanoclusters that involves size and structure transformations.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.6b03061

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@article{Higaki2017OxidationInducedTO, title={Oxidation-Induced Transformation of Eight-Electron Gold Nanoclusters: [Au23(SR)16]- to [Au28(SR)20]0.}, author={Tatsuya Higaki and Chong Liu and Yuxiang Chen and Shuo Zhao and Chenjie Zeng and Renxi Jin and Shuxin Wang and Nathaniel L Rosi and Rongchao Jin}, journal={The journal of physical chemistry letters}, year={2017}, volume={8 4}, pages={866-870} }