Oxalic acid photooxidation on rutile nanowire electrodes.

  title={Oxalic acid photooxidation on rutile nanowire electrodes.},
  author={Thomas Berger and A. Lamas Rodes and Roberto G{\'o}mez},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  volume={12 35},
A combined photoelectrochemical and IR spectroscopic approach was used to study the photooxidation of oxalic acid on thin films consisting of oriented rutile TiO(2) nanowires (diameter: approximately 2 nm). Anodic spikes appear in the photocurrent transients particularly at low oxalic acid concentrations and point to mass transport limitations due to the presence of narrow pores (< or = 1 nm) in the nanowire films. Accordingly, IR measurements reveal that the photocurrent decrease at low… CONTINUE READING