Ownership Change, Institutional Development and Performance

  title={Ownership Change, Institutional Development and Performance},
  author={Anzhela Knyazeva and Diana Borisovna Knyazeva and J. E. Stiglitz},
  journal={LSN: Empirical Studies (Topic)},
This paper conducts a cross-country empirical study of the impact of institutions and agency conflicts on ownership reforms and their implications for changes in performance and efficiency. We examine two main questions. First, we evaluate the effects of certain property rights and institutional quality measures on performance and efficiency. We find that property rights and contracting rights protections contribute to stronger post-privatization performance. Second, we ask whether sectors… 
The impact of current institutional arrangements on SOE's privatization
  • Huili GuoXue-mei Li
  • Economics
    2016 International Conference on Logistics, Informatics and Service Sciences (LISS)
  • 2016
It can be drawn from existing literature that the stronger the economic and the governing institutions, the easier it is for privatized firms to thrive and contribute to growth.
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