Ovotestes in B6-XXSxr sex-reversed mice.

  title={Ovotestes in B6-XXSxr sex-reversed mice.},
  author={Claude M. Nagamine and John Capehart and Candace Carlisle and Dong Kyoung Chang},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={196 1},
The sex-reversed mutation Sxr results in XX males. In the absence of any other mutations, testis differentiation in XXSxr fetuses is essentially normal and only one report of an XXSxr fetus with ovotestes is in the literature. We report that 84% (21/25) of 13 days postcoitum XXSxr fetuses on the B6 inbred genomic background have ovotestes. Ovotestes were found in fetuses from both Sxra and Sxrb variants. Examination of fetuses older than 13 dpc suggests that the presence of ovotestes is… CONTINUE READING

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