Ovine progressive pneumonia (maedi-visna) in sheep.

  title={Ovine progressive pneumonia (maedi-visna) in sheep.},
  author={Randall C. Cutlip and Howard D. Lehmkuhl and Mary Jo F. Schmerr and Kim A. Brogden},
  journal={Veterinary microbiology},
  volume={17 3},
Ovine progressive pneumonia (OPP) is a multi-systemic disease of sheep caused by a nononcogenic exogenous retrovirus belonging to the Lentiviridae subfamily. Characteristics of the disease are chronic lymphocytic pneumonitis, encephalitis, arthritis, mastitis and vasculitis associated with progressive wasting, dyspnea, lameness, indurated udder and, rarely, paralysis. Any one or all of the characteristics may be manifest. Transmission of the virus is predominantly through the colostrum to… CONTINUE READING
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