Ovine model for engineering bone segments.

  title={Ovine model for engineering bone segments.},
  author={Ming-Huei Cheng and Eric M. Brey and Alexander Christopher Allori and William C Satterfield and David W. Chang and Charles Patrick and Michael J. Miller},
  journal={Tissue engineering},
  volume={11 1-2},
We propose a large animal model for bone tissue engineering that yields quantitative data and simulates clinical methods and tissue needs. Skeletally mature domestic sheep (n = 20) were each implanted with three rectangular (1 x 1 x 4 cm), hollow tissue-molding chambers that were empty (control) or filled with equal weights (6.71-6.78 g) of particulate autologous bone graft (MBG) or bone graft that was autoclaved to denature stored growth factors (DeMBG). MBG provided scaffold and bioactive… CONTINUE READING

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