Overview of the NTCIR-12 QA Lab-2 Task

  title={Overview of the NTCIR-12 QA Lab-2 Task},
  author={Hideyuki Shibuki and Kotaro Sakamoto and Madoka Ishioroshi and Akira Fujita and Yoshinobu Kano and Teruko Mitamura and Tatsunori Mori and Noriko Kando},
The NTCIR-12 QA Lab-2 task aims at the real-world complex Question Answering (QA) technologies using Japanese university entrance exams and their English translation on the subject of “World history”. The exam questions are roughly divided into multiple-choice and free-description styles, and have various question formats, which are essay, factoid, slot-filling, true-or-false and so on. We conducted three phases of formal runs, and collaborated on Phase-2 Japanese subtask with the Todai Robot… CONTINUE READING