Overview of pharmacological activities of Andrographis paniculata and its major compound andrographolide

  title={Overview of pharmacological activities of Andrographis paniculata and its major compound andrographolide},
  author={Yan Dai and Shao-Ru Chen and Ling Chai and Jing Zhao and Yitao Wang and Ying Wang},
  journal={Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition},
  pages={S17 - S29}
Abstract Andrographis paniculata (A. paniculata) is a medicinal plant traditionally used as anti-inflammation and anti-bacteria herb. Andrographolide, the major active component of A. paniculata, exhibits diverse pharmacological activities, including anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, anti-obesity, anti-diabetes, and other activities. In this article, we comprehensively review the therapeutic potential of A. paniculata and andrographolide focusing on the mechanisms of action and clinical… 

An insight into the pharmacological and analytical potential of Andrographolide

This review compiles and consolidates the pharmacological action of andrographolide and its analogs and deciphers the gaps that have hindered its use in medicinal research.

Biological properties of andrographolide, an active ingredient of Andrographis Paniculata: a narrative review.

Current knowledge of the biological effects of andragrapholide is summarized to conclude that despite documented effects and some partly characterized mechanisms of action, more research is clearly needed.

A review for the neuroprotective effects of andrographolide in the central nervous system.

Andrographis paniculata Dosage Forms and Advances in Nanoparticulate Delivery Systems: An Overview

This review discusses existing studies and marketed products of A. paniculata in solid, liquid, semi-solid, and gaseous dosage forms, either as an extract or isolated pure compounds, as well as their deficits in reaching maximum bioavailability.

A Comprehensive Review of Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees and Its Constituents as Potential Lead Compounds for COVID-19 Drug Discovery

Its chemical and biological properties, especially its antiviral activities against SARS-CoV-2, clinical trials on URTI, and the safety of A.paniculata, support the argument that A. paniculata is a promising natural source for drug discovery regarding COVID-19 post-infectious treatment, rather than prophylaxis.

Effect of Andrographolide and Its Analogs on Bacterial Infection: A Review

The therapeutic potential of Andrographolide and its analogs in combating various bacterial infections is outlined, focusing on the mechanisms of action.

Potential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic herb-drug interactions of Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) and andrographolide: A systematic review

APE and AND have potential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic HDIs with various drugs and can be used as a therapeutic consideration in clinical aspects related to the possibility of HDIs of A. paniculata.

Biocatalytic transformations of bioactive labdane diterpenoids from Andrographis paniculata (Burm f.) Nees: A review

Abstract Medicinally active labdane diterpene lactones, andrographolide (1), neoandrographolide (2), dehydroandrographolide (3) and deoxyandrographolide (4) are isolated from medicinal plant,



Pharmacological Aspects of Andrographis paniculata on Health and Its Major Diterpenoid Constituent Andrographolide

The present review aims at compiling consequential compendium of pharmacological benefits of health on this plant and its major diterpenoid constituent andrographolide that have been tested in various experimental models using modern scientific methodologies.

Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds in Andrographis paniculata (Chuanxinlian)

Among the single compounds extracted from A. paniculata, andrographolide is the major one in terms of bioactive properties and abundance and arabinogalactan proteins are anti-hepatotoxic.

Broad-spectrum antiviral properties of andrographolide

The present article covers antiviral properties of andrographolide in variety of viral infections, with the hope of developing of a new highly potent antiviral drug with multiple effects.

An investigation on the antimicrobial activity of Andrographis paniculata extracts and Andrographolide in vitro

It was concluded that the observed antimicrobial activity of andrographolide was due to other active principle(s) present in the extracts used in this investigation.


The study revealed that andrographolide content was maximum in leaves of the accession collected from Seoni followed by Chhindwara, indicating significant variations in the concentration of active ingredients in the leaves a s well as in whole plant.

Beneficial effects of an Andrographis paniculata extract and andrographolide on cognitive functions in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Observed observations are the very first ones suggesting beneficial effects of andrographolide against diabetes associated cognitive deficits, increased acetylcholinesterase activity and deteriorated antioxidative status.

In vivo Antimalarial Activity of Andrographis Paniculata Tablets

Andrographis paniculata extract attenuates pathological cardiac hypertrophy and apoptosis in high-fat diet fed mice.

Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and toxic effects of andrographolide derivatives in experimental animals

3 and 5 are the most interesting derivatives, showing much greater potency than their parent compounds, and could be further developed as analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agents, without any serious toxicity.