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Overview of non-invasive treatments for submental fat reduction

  title={Overview of non-invasive treatments for submental fat reduction},
  author={Mathew M. Avram},
ubmental fat (SMF) is a growing aesthetic problem that is colloquially known as a ‘double chin’. It is a concern for both younger and older male and female patients. The 2017 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures indicated that 73% of respondents were bothered by “excess fat under the chin / neck” [1]. For many years, surgical liposuction was the mainstay for reduction of SMF. While liposuction is an effective and reliable treatment, many… 


Perceptions and practices in submental fat treatment: a survey of physicians and patients.
Interesting insights are provided into the perceptions and behavior of physicians and patients with regard to submental fat reduction.
Safety and Efficacy of Bilateral Submental Cryolipolysis With Quantified 3-Dimensional Imaging of Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening
This first clinical study of cryolipolysis for treatment of the entire submental area using overlapping bilateral treatments and a shorter treatment duration demonstrates that bilateral submental cryolIPolysis is well tolerated and produces visible and significant fat layer reduction.
Evaluation of safety and efficacy of noninvasive radiofrequency technology for submental rejuvenation
A novel noninvasive RF technology is shown to be effective and safe for submental fat reduction and the effectiveness of fat reduction was maintained for 6 months after the last treatment.
Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia after cryolipolysis.
Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a rare, previously unreported adverse effect of cryolipolysis with an incidence of 0.0051%.
ATX-101 for reduction of submental fat: A phase III randomized controlled trial.
Selective cryolysis: A novel method of non‐invasive fat removal
This study describes non‐invasive cold‐induced selective destruction of subcutaneous fat in mice through cryosurgery at very low temperatures.
Safety and efficacy of cryolipolysis for non‐invasive reduction of submental fat
The results of a cryolipolysis pivotal IDE study for reduction of submental fullness are reported, which shows good results in both the small volume and large volume areas.
Equestrian cold panniculitis in women.
The distribution of lesions in the authors' patients may have been caused, in part, by the use of tight-fitting, uninsulated riding pants, which may have slowed blood flow through the skin, thereby further reducing tissue temperature.
Submental Alopecia at Deoxycholic Acid Injection Site.
Early combination treatment to aggressively reduce the adipocyte population may be beneficial and modulation of adipose tissue into a prolipogenic state because of a long-term local reduction in sympathetic nerve innervation could just as well remain unaffected by it.
Reduction of unwanted submental fat with ATX-101 (deoxycholic acid), an adipocytolytic injectable treatment: results from a phase III, randomized, placebo-controlled study*
Unwanted submental fat (SMF) is aesthetically unappealing, but methods of reduction are either invasive or lack evidence for their use. An injectable approach with ATX‐101 (deoxycholic acid) is under