Overview of nomenclature novelties of fungi in the world and China (2020)

  title={Overview of nomenclature novelties of fungi in the world and China (2020)},
  author={Ke Wang and Lei Cai and Yi‐Jian Yao},
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Description of Four Novel Species in Pleosporales Associated with Coffee in Yunnan, China

Based on molecular phylogenetic analyses of combined ITS, LSU, SSU, rpb2, and tef1-α sequence data and morphological characteristics, four new species and three records are introduced in Yunnan Province and Paracamarosporium fungicola was transferred back to Paraconiothyrium based on taxonomy and DNA sequences.

Morphology and phylogeny of ascomycetes associated with walnut trees (Juglans regia) in Sichuan province, China

Ten fungi distributed in two classes of Ascomycota were described based on morpho-molecular analyses, and two novel species, Neofusicoccum sichuanense and Sphaerulina juglandina, a known species of Ophiognomonia leptostyla were described.

Fungi associated with dead branches of Magnolia grandiflora: A case study from Qujing, China

As a result of an ongoing survey of microfungi associated with garden and ornamental plants in Qijing, Yunnan, China, several saprobic fungal taxa were isolated from Magnolia grandiflora and three new species are introduced in Pleosporales.