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Overview of epidemiology, classification, and aetiology

  title={Overview of epidemiology, classification, and aetiology},
  author={Richard A. Mayou and Christopher M. Bass and Michael Sharpe},
Australia: Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry not Psychosomatic Medicine
  • R. Gribble
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Global Psychosomatic Medicine and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
  • 2019
As the ultimate goal of C-L Psychiatry is to improve the overall access to psychosocial care for the medically ill, particularly in tertiary general hospital settings, one emerging challenge is to facilitate integrated, interdisciplinary service provision in the context of already complex medical management.
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Differential Diagnosis between Chronic versus Aggressive Periodontitis and Staging of Aggressive Periodontitis: A Cross-sectional Study
Variations exist among respondents regarding the diagnosis of CP versus AgP and the staging of AgP based on the disease-staging index for AgP among periodontists, specialists in oral medicine, and general dental practitioners (GDPs).
The role of electrocardiographic abnormalities, obesity, and diabetes in risk stratification for sudden cardiac death in the general population
ECG abnormalities provided most value in SCD risk stratification among normal weight subjects with a low level of risk factors, and both obesity and diabetes were associated with an increased risk of SCD, but the proportion of SCDs of all cardiac deaths did not increase in subjects with either of these conditions.
Correlation between cognition and symptomatic severity in patients with late-life somatoform disorders
Patients with late-life SDs showed attention deficits, but no correlation was seen between the attention deficits and symptomatic severities.
Health complaints : testing a causal role of activated illness-memory in symptom reporting
The main aim of this thesis was to examine the possible causal role of implicit illness memory or schemata in increased symptom reporting and the cross-sectional and temporal relationships between implicit illness-related memory and symptom reporting among patients with fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and/or chronic fatigue syndrome.
Capacity Building for Mental Health
Key aspects of the need for capacity building in and between all professional healthcare disciplines are highlighted and the relevance of psychosocial interventions to pharmacy practice and policy is demonstrated.
Comparison Between the Effect of Bioceramic and Physiological Saline Moist Gauze on the Amount of Bacterial Colony in Post-Debridement Wound Dressings of Grade 3A Open Fractures of the Leg in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung
The use of bioceramic on the treatment of post-debridement wound open long bone fractures grade IIIA will provide better results to the decline in the number of colonies of bacteria.