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Overview of Virtual Reality Technologies

  title={Overview of Virtual Reality Technologies},
  author={Yuri Antonio Gonçalves Vilas Boas},
The promise of being able to be inside another world might be resolved by Virtual Reality. It wouldn’t be naïve to assume that we will be able to enter and completely feel another world at some point in the future; be able to interact with knowledge and entertainment in a totally immersive state. Advancements are becoming more frequent, and with the recent popularity of technology in this generation, a lot of investment is being made. Prototypes of head displays that completely cover the user’s… Expand
Evolution of Virtual Reality’s Interaction Devices
A deep look into the evolution of the developed tools to manipulate 3D virtual environments is presented and a classification in eras for virtual reality devices is proposed. Expand
Virtual Reality: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Now? and Where Are We Going?
This article reviews virtual reality trends both from the early artistic days through to current day state of the art technological advancements, and explores emerging and futuristic breakthroughs and their applications in virtual reality showing how virtual reality will go way beyond anything the authors could envision. Expand
VR-Modelling of Data from "Norway Digital" in Combination with other 3D Models
The purpose with this master thesis was to use new released data from the Norwegian Mapping Authority to make a virtual world that can be looked at with or without Oculus Rift. In addition, existingExpand
Escape The Countries: A VR Escape Room Game
Technology has become an integral part of our life. One of the most emerging technologies of the 21st century is Virtual Reality. It is being applied to medicine, education, engineering,Expand
Virtual Reality as a tool for learning: The past, present and the prospect
A review of the trends of applications of virtual reality technologies, its potentials and prospects for learning in various fields shows VR holds great and promising prospects in education, tourism, entertainment, and architecture. Expand
Augmented Reality in a Virtual Reality Setup: The Camera
This project will be made by connecting two cameras through an FPGA to the VR system to cover all aspects that Augmented Reality suffers from, and the decrease in lag can be tested. Expand
Onmyouji: Gesture-based virtual reality game
Onmyouji emphasizes on the VR experience provided with utilizing hand gestures to move and cast attack as the player control with a set of gestures designed to fulfill the naturalness and intuitiveness of controls in the game. Expand
Application of ray detection technology in landmark visual interaction
With the popularity of smart phones, augmented reality technology has also developed rapidly in recent years. Based on the Unity 3D game engine, this article uses augmented reality technology toExpand
Extending a Standard Tablet into a Gaming Platform with Projected Parallax Layers
An implementation of a visual projection approach using a clip-on hardware extension on standard tablets to create a gaming platform that can display physical parallax effects for enhanced depth. Expand
Comparing Virtual Reality Modalities and 360° Photography in a Construction Management Classroom
The construction site field trip is a fundamental facet of the construction management curricula. The sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of being at a construction site have the capability ofExpand


Virtual Environments: A Survey of the Technology
This survey paper introduces detail information about VR systems and requirements to build correct VR environment, presents a comparison between system types of VR, and epitomizes a road of the map for selecting appropriate VR system according to the field of applications. Expand
Three views of virtual reality: virtual environments in the US military
It is shown that the US military has been a primary supporter of real-time simulation for more than 60 years, ever since the development of the Link Flight Instrument Trainer in the late 1930s. Expand
The Ultimate Display
The authors live in a physical world whose properties they have come to know well through long familiarity but lack corresponding familiarity with the forces on charged particles, forces in non-uniform fields, the effects of nonprojective geometric transformations, and high-inertia, low friction motion. Expand
Heidegger and Virtual Reality: The Implications of Heidegger’s Thinking for Computer Representations
This author addresses the assumptions that underlie most research into virtual reality (VR) and other interactive computer systems. These assumptions relate to tensions between views of perception asExpand
Gesture recognition with a Wii controller
The design and evaluation of the sensor-based gesture recognition system is presented, which allows the training of arbitrary gestures by users which can then be recalled for interacting with systems like photo browsing on a home TV. Expand
ScienceSpace: virtual realities for learning complex and abstract scientific concepts
Three virtual worlds built to investigate the effect of immersive, multisensory computer-generated experiences on learning topics in science suggest that students can improve their mastery of abstract concepts through the use of virtual environments that have been designed for learning. Expand
A survey of glove-based input
This work provides a basis for understanding the field by describing key hand-tracking technologies and applications using glove-based input, and presents a cross-section of the field to date. Expand
Virtual Reality
General Education Foundation COMMUNICATION 6 ENG-111 English Composition I ENG-112 English Composition II MATH-SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY** 7-9 Choose from General Education course list (Math/Science)Expand
Kinect Identity: Technology and Experience
Kinect Identity, a key component of Microsoft's Kinect for the Xbox 360, combines multiple technologies and careful user interaction design to achieve the goal of recognizing and tracking playerExpand
Kinect Identity: Technology and Experience Computer
  • Kinect Identity: Technology and Experience Computer
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