Overview of ResPubliQA 2009: Question Answering Evaluation over European Legislation

  title={Overview of ResPubliQA 2009: Question Answering Evaluation over European Legislation},
  author={Anselmo Pe{\~n}as and Pamela Forner and Richard F. E. Sutcliffe and {\'A}lvaro Rodrigo and Corina Forascu and I{\~n}aki Alegria and Danilo Giampiccolo and Nicolas Moreau and Petya Osenova},
This paper describes the first round of ResPubliQA, a Question Answering (QA) evaluation task over European legislation, proposed at the Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) 2009. The exercise consists of extracting a relevant paragraph of text that satisfies completely the information need expressed by a natural language question. The general goals of this exercise are (i) to study if the current QA technologies tuned for newswire collections and Wikipedia can be adapted to a new domain (law… CONTINUE READING
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