Overview of Potential Hazards

  title={Overview of Potential Hazards},
  author={Vasilis M. Fthenakis},
Toxic Materials Used in Thin Film Photovoltaics and Their Impacts on Environment
Photovoltaic industry has proved to be a growing and advantageous source of energy as it can be renewable, sustainable, reliable and clean. Significant improvements have been made in materials used
Evaluation of Risks in the Life Cycle of Photovoltaics in a Comparative Context
The greatest potential risks in the photovoltaic (PV) fuel cycle probably are associated with using some hazardous substances during cell material production and module manufacturing. To investigate
Photovoltaic waste assessment in india and its environmental impact
An increased energy demand of the world is met by the renewable sources of energy. In this solar photovoltaic technology has turned out as a major contributor. In India solar photovoltaic sector has
A Proposed Method for Safe Disposal of Consumed Photovoltaic Modules
This study showed the validity of the proposed method to be further investigated for safe disposal of consumed photovoltaic modules by burying the PV cells into concrete blocks that may be used in different civil applications.
Fire hazard and other safety concerns of photovoltaic systems
Abstract. Photovoltaic (PV) modules are usually considered safe and reliable. But in case of grid-connected PV systems that are becoming popular, the issue of fire safety of PV modules is becoming


Toxic materials released from photovoltaic modules during fires: Health risks
Multilayer protection analysis for photovoltaic manufacturing facilities
This paper gives an overview of environmental health and safety (EHS) issues related to photovoltaic (PV) technologies, and strategies for reducing EHS risks. These strategies include layers of
First Solar's CdTe module manufacturing experience; environmental, health and safety results
  • J. Bohland, K. Smigielski
  • Business
    Conference Record of the Twenty-Eighth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference - 2000 (Cat. No.00CH37036)
  • 2000
Consistent with First Solar's proactive cadmium-containing material management practices such as CdTe PV module recycling, this paper reviews their activities and results in preventing environmental
Recycling strategies to enhance the commercial viability of CIS photovoltaics
Recycling of photovoltaic (PV) modules at the end of their useful life is important for the success of commercializing PV technologies. There are economic, regulatory and technical issues related to
End-of-life management and recycling of PV modules
Toxicity of cadmium telluride, copper indium diselenide, and copper gallium diselenide
This paper reviews recently derived toxicity data for Copper Indium Diselenide (CIS), Cadmium Gallium Diselenide (CGS) and Cadmium Telluride (CT), promising new materials on which a new generation of
Combustion hazards of silane and its chlorides
This paper addresses the unusual combustion hazards of silane and its chlorides, comprising the homologous chlorosilane series SiHnCl4-n. The literature on silane is briefly reviewed and new
Reactivity and ignition characteristics of silane/air mixtures
Research was carried out to develop improved protection guidelines for silane handling systems through enhanced understanding of the behavior of releases of this pyrophoric gas. The approach involved