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Overview of Anti-spam filtering Techniques

  title={Overview of Anti-spam filtering Techniques},
  author={S. L. Wakchaure and Shailaja D. Pawar and G. D. Ghuge},
  • S. L. Wakchaure, Shailaja D. Pawar, G. D. Ghuge
  • Published 2017
  • Electronic mail (E-mail) is an essential communication tool that has been greatly abused by spammers to disseminate unwanted information (messages) and spread malicious contents to Internet users. Current Internet technologies further accelerated the distribution of spam. Spam-reduction techniques have developed rapidly over the last few years, as spam volumes have increased. We believe that no one anti-spam solution is the “right” answer, and that the best approach is a multifaceted one… CONTINUE READING

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