Overproduction and localization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ParA and ParB proteins.

  title={Overproduction and localization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis ParA and ParB proteins.},
  author={Erin K. Maloney and Murty V. V. S. Madiraju and Malini R Rajagopalan},
  volume={89 Suppl 1},
The ParA and ParB family proteins are required for accurate partitioning of replicated chromosomes. The Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome contains parB, parA and two parA homologs, Rv1708 and Rv3213c. It is unknown if parA and its homologs are functionally related. To understand the roles of ParA and ParB proteins in M. tuberculosis cell cycle, we have evaluated the consequences of their overproduction and visualized their localization patterns in M. smegmatis. We show that cells overproducing… CONTINUE READING

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