Overnight changes of chemoreflex control in obstructive sleep apnoea patients.

  title={Overnight changes of chemoreflex control in obstructive sleep apnoea patients.},
  author={Safraaz Mahamed and Patrick J. Hanly and Jonathan Y. Gabor and Jaime M. Beecroft and James Duffin},
  journal={Respiratory physiology & neurobiology},
  volume={146 2-3},
We hypothesized that the numerous episodes of hypoxia, hypercapnia and arousal experienced by obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) patients induce overnight changes in respiratory chemoreflexes. A modification of the Read rebreathing technique assessed chemoreflex characteristics in the evening and the morning of patients undergoing diagnostic assessment for OSA in a clinical sleep laboratory. Two groups were studied: those with apnoea-hypopnoea indices (AHI) greater than 30 composed the OSA group (n… CONTINUE READING

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