Overexpression of kalpha1 tubulin mRNA in thyroid anaplastic carcinoma.


The expression levels of (k)alpha1 tubulin in 84 benign and malignant thyroid tissues were measured by means of real-time quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. An increased expression of (k)alpha1 tubulin mRNA was observed in all of five anaplastic carcinomas and some of the papillary carcinomas. Expression levels of (k)alpha1 tubulin relative to thyroglobulin mRNA were slightly increased in papillary carcinomas and greatly increased in anaplastic carcinomas. Chemotherapeutic agents which are targeted to microtubules may be considered as an alternative choice for the treatment of anaplastic carcinomas and some differentiated carcinomas in which increased expression of (k)alpha1 mRNA is observed.


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