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Overexpression of circulating miRNA-21 and miRNA-146a in plasma samples of breast cancer patients.

  title={Overexpression of circulating miRNA-21 and miRNA-146a in plasma samples of breast cancer patients.},
  author={Subramanian Hari Subbish Kumar and R. Keerthana and A. Pazhanimuthu and P. Perumal},
  journal={Indian journal of biochemistry & biophysics},
  volume={50 3},
Breast cancer is the second most common malignant disease affecting Indian women and is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are remarkably stable in blood, which makes them novel and promising biomarkers for cancer detection and diagnosis. In this study, we investigated whether expression levels of circulating specific miRNAs, such as microRNA-21 (miR-21) and microRNA-146a (miR-146a) could be used as potential biomarkers in plasma of breast cancer patients and… Expand
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