Overexpression of TRIM44 contributes to malignant outcome in gastric carcinoma.

  title={Overexpression of TRIM44 contributes to malignant outcome in gastric carcinoma.},
  author={Kingo Kashimoto and Shuhei Komatsu and Daisuke Ichikawa and Tomohiro Arita and Hirotaka Konishi and Hiroaki Nagata and Hiroki Takeshita and Yukihisa Nishimura and Shoji Hirajima and T. Kawaguchi T. Kawaguchi and Atsushi Shiozaki and Hitoshi Fujiwara and Kazuma Okamoto and Hitoshi Tsuda and Eigo Otsuji},
  journal={Cancer science},
  volume={103 11},
Recent studies have shown that some members of the tripartite motif-containing protein (TRIM) family, which is characterized by a conserved RING finger, B-box, and coiled-coil domains, function as important regulators for carcinogenesis. In this study, we tested whether TRIM44 (11p13) acts as a cancer-promoting gene through overexpression in gastric cancer. We analyzed seven gastric cancer cell lines and 112 primary tumors, which were curatively resected in our hospital between 2001 and 2003… CONTINUE READING