Overexpression of Sonic Hedgehog suppresses embryonic hair follicle morphogenesis.

  title={Overexpression of Sonic Hedgehog suppresses embryonic hair follicle morphogenesis.},
  author={Tammy L Ellis and Ian Smyth and Emily Riley and Josephine Bowles and Christelle Adolphe and Joseph A. Rothnagel and Carol Wicking and Brandon J. Wainwright},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={263 2},
The Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) signalling pathway plays a central role in the development of the skin and hair follicle and is a major determinant of skin tumorigenesis, most notably of basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Various mouse models involving either ablation or overexpression of key members of the Shh signalling pathway display a range of skin tumours. To further examine the role of Shh in skin development, we have overexpressed Shh in a subset of interfollicular basal cells from 12.5 dpc under the… CONTINUE READING