Overexpression of HLA class I predominantly on alpha cell in at risk individuals for type 1 diabetes

  title={Overexpression of HLA class I predominantly on alpha cell in at risk individuals for type 1 diabetes},
  author={M. Benkahla and Somayeh Sabouri and W. Kiosses and S. Rajendran and Estefania Quesada-Masachs and M. V. von Herrath},
Human leukocyte antigens of class-I (HLA-I) molecules are hyper-expressed in insulin-containing islets (ICI) of type 1 diabetic (T1D) donors. This study investigated the HLA-I expression in autoantibody positive (AAB+) donors and more closely defined its intra-islet and intracellular localization as well as proximity to infiltrating CD8 T cells with high-resolution confocal microscopy. We found HLA-I hyper-expression had already occurred prior to clinical diagnosis of T1D in islets of AAB… Expand


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