Overexpression of CALNUC ( Nucleobindin ) Increases Agonist and Thapsigargin Releasable Ca 2 1 Storage in the Golgi


We previously demonstrated that CALNUC, a Ca 2 1 -binding protein with two EF-hands, is the major Ca 2 1 -binding protein in the Golgi by 45 Ca 2 1 overlay (Lin, P., H. Le-Niculescu, R. Hofmeister, J.M. McCaffery, M. Jin, H. Henneman, T. McQuistan, L. De Vries, and M. Farquhar. 1998. J . Cell Biol . 141:1515–1527). In this study we investigated CALNUC’s… (More)


8 Figures and Tables