Overexpression of Bcl-3 inhibits the development of marginal zone B cells.

  title={Overexpression of Bcl-3 inhibits the development of marginal zone B cells.},
  author={Nadine Hoevelmeyer and Marcus A W{\"o}rns and Sonja Reissig and Petra Adams-Quack and Jennifer Leclaire and M. Frances Hahn and Simone Woertge and Alexei Nikolaev and Peter R. Galle and Ari Waisman},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={44 2},
The transcription factor Bcl-3 functions as a proto-oncogene via regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis. Bcl-3 is an atypical member of the IκB family and plays a central role in the immune response through interactions with the NF-κB subunits p50 and p52. To investigate the impact of Bcl-3 on B-cell maturation and regulation, we generated mice that overexpress Bcl-3 specifically in B cells. Interestingly, these mice lack marginal zone B cells and exhibit a significant reduction in the… CONTINUE READING