Overexpression and characterization of recombinant human fusion protein IL‐6/IL‐2 (ch925)

  title={Overexpression and characterization of recombinant human fusion protein IL‐6/IL‐2 (ch925)},
  author={C. Zhao and P. Tang and J. Wang and N. Mao and F. Jiang and X. Li and X. Liu and M. Zhang and Y. Ren and D. Du},
  journal={STEM CELLS},
An expression vector encoding the human recombinant fusion protein interleukin 6/interleukin 2 (IL‐6/IL‐2) was constructed. When a flexible linker had been synthesized and ligated with the IL‐2 gene fragment by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, the IL‐6 gene fragment was unidirectionally inserted into the upstream of the linker‐IL‐2 sequence. The molecule of the IL‐6‐linker‐IL‐2 fusion gene named E. coli DH5α/pfIL‐6/2 was cloned and identified by DNA sequencing. The expressed… Expand


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